The Hendron fire department will provide fire protection and suppression to the Hendron community to the level of training that has been received by its members and with the equipment provided.

We will provide a fire prevention program to the extent that is practical and to the best of our ability.

We will provide basic assistance and/or rescue consistent with the training and ability of the members and to the extent that the equipment provided allows.

We will assist the community in a manner required to the extent practical and feasible within the fire department’s standard operational procedures and/or guidelines.

We will assist neighboring fire departments with mutual aid to the extent the community protected by this fire department is not left in danger.

We will obtain the most current training curriculum and firefighting techniques available within our budgetary and practical allowances. We will be financially responsible with the community’s money provided and the equipment owned by this fire department.

We will maintain a fire department that our community can be proud of and will strive to bring no dishonor to the fire department or the community served by it.