Incident – Structure Fire


Engine runs working fire

Hendron & Reidland-Farley Fire District were alerted to respond to the 200 block of Lindberg St for a reported dwelling fire with people trapped.

Engine 24 responded with 6 volunteers and arrived as the third due engine behind RFFD E34,35 & L32. The company was assigned the RIT function and went to work stretching the RIT handline and other RIT assignments. Strong work to the companies from RFFD who went to work opening up and extinguishing the fire.

The occupant of the home was transported to a local medical facility for treatment of severe burns and lacerations after escaping the home. We hope for a quick recovery.

During the fire, RFFD was alerted to a medical assistance call in their first due. With all hands working at the fire a passing Hendron volunteer arrived simultaneously as the ambulance service and provided assistance.




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